The Cross Reveals

We’ll be playing Evan Rogers “The Cross Reveals” at the Sunday morning meeting, gave a listen here. You can also grab the chords of Evan Rogers’ website here


10,000 Reasons

We’ve played this song twice at our evening meeting, hopefully it’s beginning to catch on. Have a listen and see what you think


O For A Thousand Tongues

We did this version of the classic hymn “O For A Thousand Tongues” with a slightly altered chorus last sunday. Give it a listen, it’s a fantastic version!


10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman

Matt Redman’s new album “10,000 Reasons” has now been released. I’ve been listening to it pretty much non stop for the past week and i have to say it’s a fantastic album.

Taking a similar approach to “Facedown”, “10,000 Reasons” was recorded as a live album with lots of worship leaders/worshippers packing out to sing this bundle of new songs. The result is an album packed full of congregational songs that can be easily translated into a church setting. It’s so easy to recommend this album, do check it out… it challenge you to not start humming the intro to “We are the free” or start belting out the chorus of “10,000 Reasons/Bless the Lord” (as i was on the way to work).

You can listen to it all for free on We7 (here) or grab it for £6.91 on the same website.

Must buy tracks:

10,000 Reasons/Bless the Lord O My soul

We are the free

Endless Hallelujah


We’re always on the look out for new songs… Could this be a fast song full of truth worth playing at church? It’s taken from Sovereign Grace’s new album “Risen”

God Is Able

We’re going to play the title track of the new Hillsong album “God is Able” at the evening meeting. Watch/listen to the song on youtube above and grab the chords here (you’ll need to take it down 1 step to get it in the key we’re going for at church

Christ In Me

We’re singing Lou Fellingham’s song “Christ in Me” this sunday… you can hear the song on we7 ( track 9) you can find the chords here