Newday “We Are Yours” & Soul Survivor “We Are The Free”







2 new releases this month from Newfrontiers own “Newday” event and also from “Soul Survivor”.

There are some songs that have crossed over both events with Matt Redman’s “Here For You” and Jesus Culture’s “One Thing Remains” appearing on both albums. Perhaps a sign that these songs are impacting the wider church rather than single movements. Definitely thinking of introducing both to RFC at some point if possible.

It’s great seeing both CDs containing fresh new songs rather than repeating from other events as it ensures that both albums feel unique rather than  simply a youth version of the Passion or Worship central album.

Songs that stand out for me from the 2 albums are:

WE ARE YOURS: “We Are Yours” – such a brilliant song, would love to play this at RFC but not sure how it would work, still definitely a highlight, “Father Like No Other” – a great tune from Simon Brading, love how the first and third song kind of reverse words and a very catchy chorus, “Christus Victor” – such fun singing that pre chorus of “Who are ya, who are ya, o death where’s your sting, who are ya, who are ya, you’re not singing anymore” not sure how it would work in the context of our Sunday mornings but still gotta love the song. People have mentioned that “Our God Is Holy” is worth a look in as a good congregation song as well. Some other songs i’m sure are making their way onto people’s “love” lists, but for now those are the ones that stood out to me… (not to say the others are good)

WE ARE THE FREE: “Once in Darkness” – a fast song talking about Jesus, always going to be a winner for me, some interesting melodies and it’s great after hearing an acoustic rendition of the song seeing how it translates with a full band, “Spirit Break Out” may not be a Soul Survivor specific song but it shows once again it’s strength as a song on the album, “Your Love Reaches” ends the first CD and it’s progression from quiet verse 1  to big bridge works well fairly congregational which could be handy! Plenty of other great songs on this CD so well worth a listen


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