God Is Able

We’re going to play the title track of the new Hillsong album “God is Able” at the evening meeting. Watch/listen to the song on youtube above and grab the chords here (you’ll need to take it down 1 step to get it in the key we’re going for at church


Christ In Me

We’re singing Lou Fellingham’s song “Christ in Me” this sunday… you can hear the song on we7 (http://www.we7.com/#/album/Lou-Fellingham/Step-Into-the-Light track 9) you can find the chords here

Sneak peek of Phil Wickham’s new album… sort of…

So Phil Wickham’s new album “Response” is edging nearer to being released. He’s decided to release the sheet music free of charge but you can’t hear what the recorded tracks sound like… cue Wickham fans creating their own mixes so you can kinda hear what the songs sound like. You can find some of these fan version songs here

God is Able – preview

I’m really excited by the upcoming album from Hillsong called “God is able” there’s videos of the title track around and it sounds absolutely fantastic! Here’s a video preview of some of the songs…

Never Once

If you haven’t heard, Matt Redman will be releasing his latest CD titled “10000 Reasons” in July. It will be a live album in a similar vein to “Facedown”.

I’m sure there will be some classic congregation songs on it. He’s released one song as a single which you can have a listen to on worshiptogether here. It’s a song that reminds me a bit of “You never let go”, definitely give it a listen…

There’s also a video of Matt Redman talking about the song which can be found here and i believe a video generally talking about the album here

To Know Your Name

We sang this song at Park Life and had some good words, potentially catchy… Only wonder if the melody is hard to pick up, thoughts?

Ben Cantelon – New Day

Check out Ben Cantelon’s new song “New Day” (no relation to the NFI youth summer week). Sounds pretty great to me and i’m sure will be even better with a full band. Have a quick little listen here