The Journey

Stuart Townend (writer of classics such as In Christ Alone, How Deep the Father’s love, Oh To See The Dawn and many more) has just released his next album “The Journey”. Stuart Townend continues to experiment with folk worship. The attempt to break out of 4 chord worship (complete with electric, 8th note bass and drums) has produced this album. It’s well worth checking out and seeing what he’s come up with. The deep truths he weaves effortlessly into songs is one simple reason why this album is worth checking out (on top of the fact it sounds great)

With spotify’s decision to cut down on free music I think we7 is now worth checking out for all your free music needs. Check out the album here (you don’t even need to sign up!) Or buy it online/in store at any good christian shop.

Also Stuart Townends blog post on his thoughts of what this album embodies is a great little read. Find it here

*UPDATE* I think i’m wrong… you need to sign up to WE7 to hear full tracks… but it is free and well worth doing!


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