2 other new albums

As well as “King of Nations”  being released (and the already mentioned Soul Survivor 2010 “Light the Sky”) there are 2 other hotly anticipated albums out this week

Chris Tomlin’s new album “And if our God is for us” will be sure to be a big seller worldwide. Listened to it once through and there’s been an attempt to try and have a different sound to previous albums. The addition of strings to the title track “Our God” is nice, and the onerepublic-esque “I will follow” is interesting. I’m sure you’ll make up your own minds of what you think of it. Spotify link here



Another potential big release is Brenton Brown’s “Our God is near”. Another songwriter who’s aim is to be very congregation focused, Brenton has written some cracking songs and I’m sure there’s some waiting to be played on this album too. Spotify link here




Ones to watch out for: Hillsong Chapel (acoustic album) “Yahweh”,  the sure to be anthemic Jesus Culture “Come Away”



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